My name is Louai.

I code, animate and build teams that do awesome.

I’ve had the pleasure to animate and composite a wide range of motion pictures over the years. Emotive performance and seamlessly blended visuals is what motivates me when I’m laying down the keyframes. The greatest attribute of being an animator, motion designer and compositor is that I get to be involved in all stages of visual production. A shot breakdown link is at the end of the video.

Since the beginning of my professional epoch I’ve programmed tools & automation to make content creation as fast and creative as possible. During my tenure at High 5 Games as Technical Art Director I was able put my theories to test when building a highly scalable, enterprise asset pipeline that kept artists and developers focused on creativity. Since leaving High 5 I’ve ventured into consulting with clients around the country to deliver integrated solutions for all flavors of content production/deployment. Current and previous clients include Zero VFX, 3D Excite/Dassault Systèmes, High 5 Games, Scholastic Inc, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and more.

My passion for using dumb, yet incredibly fast, programmable machines for creative production leads me to think heavily about human-computer interaction and what sets an awesome digital workflow apart from a mediocre one.

Check out LinkedIn for my professional and educational background.

We’ll make greatness.