XDS 2016: Shotgun and the Integrated Pipeline

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Chris Wren at E.A. invited me back to present at the External Development Summit due to the popularity of my 2014 talk there. I co-presented with Autodesk’s Eli Rarey, and it was a blast! I had an amazing response to our talk and I met allot of very talented people while I was there, all in the beautiful city of Vancouver, CA. I’ve embedded the conference video and session description below.

Everyone has a pipeline, but how much thought and attention has gone into building it? Has it just come together organically over time or been engineered and constructed for your workflow? This session will look at some different approaches to pipeline and how the idea of pipeline has developed in the game industry. How can pipeline improve artists’ efficiency? دانى الفز How can it improve our quality of work — and more importantly, our quality of life?

Louai Abu-Osba will show battle tested examples of High 5 Games using Autodesk Shotgun to build a high-volume game asset pipeline that normal humans love using. اسماء العاب اون لاين Presenters will show how to optimize your pipeline with non redundant processes, activity measurements, interactive tools, and lots of automation. اللاعب روني Specific examples will be offered as to how to integrate local artists and off-site artists with production using build systems, source control, and production management tools. Learn how to better build your pipeline into a flexible system designed for creativity.

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